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The Best of the Best

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Georgia Schools


Academy of Richmond County Musketeers

This mascot has been apart of ARC’s 225 years of existence. The musketeer captures the essence of adventure, danger and intrigue.

Aquinas Fighting Irish

Burke County Bears


Butler Bulldogs

Back in the day, there was no badder dawg then the Bulldogs from Butler HS. But don’t underestimate the influence this mascot has on the south Augusta fanbase.


Cross Creek Razorbacks

The Razorback is relatively new to Richmond County, but it’s a fierce mascot to contend with. Watch out for the tusks, especially if you try confronting this fiesty mascot.


Evans Knights

“Evan the Intimidator”

The ruling mascot in the Columbia County royal court. This long-time leader of the Knights is battle tested and can raise up an army of fans to support the home team in Evans.


Greenbrier Wolfpack

When the lights turn on Friday Nights, this wolf comes out to play. Don’t be fooled by the devilish smile, Greenbrier has one Big Bad Wolf on their sidelines.

Grovetown Warriors

The Warriors are the newest school in Columbia County and they are hungry to prove to the rest of us that they stand head and shoulders above everyone else.


Harlem Bulldogs

Hephzibah Rebels

The Rebels are re-surging as a formidable football team once again. Representing southern Richmond County, Hephzibah is definitely bringing some swagger.


Jefferson County Warriors


It’s tough to play down in Louisville against J-C-H. And it all starts with the mascot, A.K.A. “Chief”. He’s energetic, spirited, and always ready to mix it up.

Josey Eagles

Thomas Walker, AKA T-Dub

Josey boasts the best marching band in the land and their mascot is just as talented. Look for high energy routines on the sidelines and flirtatious moves with the ladies.


Lakeside Panthers

“Mac the Panther”

This female mascot is known for her power cartwheels and tangles with cross town rivals from Evans HS.

Laney Wildcats

Lincoln County Red Devils

This devil does not have to be bad, because the program in Lincoln County is so good. Your best chance of catching a glimpse of the Red Devil is during the take-sides matchup with cross-town rivals Washington-Wilkes.

Thomas Jefferson Jaguars


Thomson Bulldogs


This bulldog definately rules at the Brickyard. Besides having a reputation in the state for tough place to play, this bulldogs can keep fans energized and involved.

Washington-Wilkes Tigers

Westside Patriots

South Carolina Schools

Aiken Fighting Green Hornets

Barnwell Warhorses

Blackville-Hilda Fighting Hawks


Fox Creek Predators


We welcome the newest mascot on the block representing the Fox Creek Predators.

Midland Valley Mustangs


North Augusta Yellowjackets

“Buzz” A.K.A. “Sting”

Muscular, awesome, yellow jacket. Need we say more?!

Silver Bluff Bulldogs

South Aiken Thoroughbreds

Theodore Thoroughbred, AKA “Big Brown”

Mean, lean, and a running machine—Theodore Thoroughbred is an impressive mascot to be around.

Strom Thurmond Fighting Rebels

Williston-Elko Blue Devils

Augusta Christian Lions

Augusta Christian Lions, the little school that could. Don’t be fooled, these lions are great at “sneak attacks”. You won’t ever see them, but you’ll know they are there.



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