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FAQ: How Does MascotVote Work?

Over the next several weeks, during the high school football regular season, you will help decide the fans choice for “Best Overall Mascot”.

Each week, fan votes will be tabulated and showcased in Sports on WJBF News Channel 6 with Sports Director Chris Kane. He will be traveling to area high school stadiums every Friday night for Countdown to Kickoff events. The results will also be published on this site. Voting will be counted through 5:00 p.m. EST each Thursday.

The pool of teams competing will be narrowed down to the Super 6 on Friday, October 23. These are the top 6 point earners through Round Robin voting.

How points are earned. Each week, your school is awarded points based on your votes. The school with the most votes for the week gets 16 points (1st place finish). The school with the second most votes that week, gets 15 points (2nd place finish). The school with the third most votes that week, gets 14 points (3rd place finish). See the trend? Points are awarded to each school every week.

And the winner is… The winner of this friendly competition will be announced on the award winning Football Friday Night broadcast television show and will have earned “Bragging Rights” for 2009-2010. That date is set for Friday, November 13.

Here’s a preview of some schools participating in 2009


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